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The most important
questions and answers
for birth photography

"The dad-to-be can take the pictures himself, right?"

I basically agree with you, because every companion can take pictures of a birth. However, experience shows that fathers-to-be are often overwhelmed by their own feelings. However, so that you as a family can concentrate entirely on yourself and the moment, this is the great advantage of professional photographic birth support.

And that's why one thing shouldn't be underestimated: in my birth photos
all family members present be visible.

"What is happening,
if I change my mind during childbirth?"

I fully understand this situation as well. Basically, I can assure you that I see myself as part of your birth team and not like a paparazzi, constantly hanging on the trigger.
Should you nevertheless notice during the birth that my presence inhibits you, I will withdraw without discussion. As soon as the baby is born, I'll be there again and will capture your first moments together completely candidly for eternity.

"We are very interested in a photographic birth support, but unfortunately our budget is very limited."

I am fully aware that this is a major investment. But your current budget should not prevent you from contacting me anyway without obligation. When we get to know each other personally, we can talk openly about possible payment options and will certainly find a solution that suits both sides. Because the actual value of a birth report that you receive  is guaranteed priceless.

"Are the pictures published automatically?"

NO, none of my images are published automatically.

This decision - whether I may publish some of the pictures of your birth report - is entirely up to you. This is also stipulated in the contract.

After receiving the pictures, you would have the opportunity to give me a selection of pictures for publication (for the website, advertising flyers and/or social media) for a discount.

"Do you take pictures of everything?"

You decide what I can actually photograph. In order to discuss precisely these limits, it is very important for me to get to know each other personally in advance. On the one hand you can tell me your ideas and wishes, as well as address your questions and fears openly. Above all, it should offer us the opportunity to establish a connection with one another - perhaps a kind of friendship. Because only if you as a couple feel comfortable with my presence from the start, I can ultimately enter your birthing room as unnoticed as possible.

Are you still unsure whether birth photography is right for you?

Maybe you are just fascinated by birth photos,

but you can't imagine

hire a birth photographer?

Maybe you are already sure

want to have your birth story documented,

but your partner is still hesitating?

Then feel free to contact me anyway and we can do it without obligation

discuss your individual questions.

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