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Grias di

Ich bin Kristin - die Frau hinter der Kamera.

 Als echtes Kind der 90-er Jahre bin ich in Deutschland aufgewachsen,

aber lebe mittlerweile seit mehr als zehn Jahren im wunderschönen Tirol.

Hier habe ich meinen Partner und Papa meiner zwei Jungs

auch kennen & lieben gelernt.

The passion for photography is at the center of my life!

This love crept in very quietly over many years.

However, since my children were born, I have realized

what type of photography is most valuable to me personally and

I also enjoy the most:

Capturing real emotions from everyday life and

creating unique memories .

It just fascinates me to see

what feelings a single picture can evoke in the viewer.

Birth photography is my passion.

It all started with the desire to become a midwife.

At the age of 15, I decided to do a school internship in the birthing center and experienced the birth of a baby there for the first time.

An internship at the obstetrics ward followed later

with the chance of a very coveted apprenticeship position.

But in the end everything was to be different...

After I had personally twice looked in vain for a birth photographer in Tyrol , I first noticed how unknown

this special kind of documentary photography actually still is.

After intensive training in birth photography

- among others with the wonderful Susanne Krauss in Munich -

a dream became reality;

I can now call myself the "first birth photographer in Tyrol" .

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